Deadly Beauty: The Eastern Small Eyed Snake - Snake

Deadly Beauty: The Eastern Small Eyed Snake


The Eastern Small Eyed Snake, also known as the Cryptelytrops macrops, is a venomous snake species that is endemic to Southeast Asia. It is a relatively small snake, growing only up to 80 centimeters in length. However, what this snake lacks in size, it more than makes up for with its deadly venom.

The Eastern Small Eyed Snake is known for its beautiful appearance, hence the name ‘Deadly Beauty.’ Its scales are a mix of greens and browns, with patterns that vary depending on the subspecies. Its eyes are the most striking feature, with pupils that are elongated and slanted, giving it an intense and menacing gaze that is hard to ignore.

The venom of the Eastern Small Eyed Snake is highly potent and is considered dangerous to humans. Its venom is a cocktail of enzymes and proteins that can cause a variety of symptoms, ranging from local pain and swelling to more severe consequences such as paralysis, kidney failure, and death.

The primary habitat of the Eastern Small Eyed Snake is in forested areas, particularly in the lowland rainforests of Southeast Asia. It is known to be an arboreal species, meaning it spends most of its time in trees. However, it is also known to traverse rocky terrain and can often be found near water sources.

The Eastern Small Eyed Snake’s diet consists mainly of small mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Its hunting technique involves ambushing prey, striking fast, and injecting venom that immobilizes its victim. The prey is then digested whole, with the snake using its powerful muscles to push the meal down its long and slender body.

Despite the Eastern Small Eyed Snake’s deadly reputation, some indigenous peoples in Southeast Asia use the venom of this snake for medicinal purposes. The venom is believed to have therapeutic properties, particularly in treating various types of inflammation and pain. However, using snake venom for medicinal purposes is not without risks and should never be attempted unless under the guidance of a trained professional.

In conclusion, while the Eastern Small Eyed Snake may be beautiful to behold, it is highly dangerous and potentially deadly. It is a reminder of the importance of respecting wildlife and their habitats, and the need for caution when exploring the natural world.

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