Mastering the Art of Snake Handling: A Guide to Using the Snake Hook - Snake

Mastering the Art of Snake Handling: A Guide to Using the Snake Hook


Snake handling is an art that requires both skill and knowledge to do safely and successfully. Professional snake handlers are well-equipped with the necessary tools and tricks to get the job done right. One of the most essential tools for snake handling is the snake hook. In this article, we will explore how to use the snake hook correctly to master the art of snake handling.

What is a Snake Hook?

A snake hook is a metal tool that is used to handle snakes without touching them directly. It is typically made of stainless steel and consists of a long shaft with a hook at one end. Depending on the size of the snake, the hook may be small, medium, or large. The hook enables handlers to control and move the snake safely, reducing the risk of being bitten.

Why Use a Snake Hook?

Using a snake hook when handling snakes is essential because it provides a safe distance between the handler and the snake. Snakes are naturally defensive and may attack if they feel threatened. By keeping a distance with a snake hook, handlers reduce the risk of being bitten or attacked by venomous snakes. The hook also allows handlers to guide the snake into a container or transfer them from one location to another without causing harm.

How to Use the Snake Hook Correctly?

Using a snake hook correctly is critical when handling snakes. Follow these steps to master the art of snake handling:

Step 1: Approach the Snake

Slowly approach the snake with the hook in hand, keeping a safe distance. Ensure that the snake is aware of your presence by tapping the hook gently on the ground nearby.

Step 2: Position the Hook

Place the hook under the belly of the snake and position it close to the head. The hook should be at a slight angle to avoid hurting the snake.

Step 3: Lift the Snake

Lift the snake gently, supporting the body with your other hand if necessary. Keep the snake close to the ground to prevent it from being injured if it gets scared or tries to escape.

Step 4: Control the Snake

Control the snake using the hook to guide it in the direction you want it to go. If the snake begins to struggle or becomes agitated, gently lower it back to the ground and wait for it to calm down before picking it up again.

Step 5: Transfer the Snake

Transfer the snake to its destination, such as a container or another location, using the snake hook. Be gentle and avoid jerking the hook to prevent injury to the snake or the handler.


Mastering the art of snake handling requires both knowledge and practice. Using the snake hook correctly is essential for the safety of both the handler and the snake. Remember to approach the snake slowly, position the hook carefully, lift the snake gently, control its movements with the hook, and transfer it safely to its destination. With practice, you will become a skilled snake handler and enjoy the art of snake handling safely and successfully.

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