Meet the fearless Aussie snake wranglers who risk their lives to protect others - Snake

Meet the fearless Aussie snake wranglers who risk their lives to protect others


Australia is home to some of the world’s deadliest snakes, with the country having over 100 different species of snakes. For many people, the mere thought of dealing with a snake is enough to make them shudder with fear. However, there are a brave group of Australians who fearlessly put themselves in harm’s way to protect their fellow citizens from these venomous creatures.

These individuals are known as snake wranglers, and they are true heroes in their own right. They are often called upon to catch and remove dangerous snakes from homes, buildings, and public spaces. Some of the most common snakes they deal with include the Eastern Brown Snake, Tiger Snake, and Coastal Taipan, all of which are highly venomous and capable of causing serious harm.

One such fearless snake wrangler is Raymond Hoser, known as the “snake catcher.” Hoser has been wrangling snakes for more than three decades, and he has caught over 10,000 snakes in his time. Hoser is a true expert when it comes to dealing with these dangerous reptiles.

Another renowned snake wrangler is Tony Harrison, who has been wrangling snakes in Queensland for over 20 years. Harrison is known for his calm demeanor and his skill at handling even the most venomous snakes with ease. He has been called upon to remove snakes from all sorts of places, including car engines, swimming pools, and even toilets!

While snake wrangling may seem like a dangerous job, these individuals take every precaution to ensure their safety. They wear protective gear and carry antidotes with them in case of a snakebite. However, accidents can still happen, and many wranglers have been bitten multiple times over the course of their careers.

Despite the danger, these brave individuals continue to risk their lives to protect others from the threat of venomous snakes. They do not do it for the money or the fame, but rather because they have a deep passion for their work and a love for these often misunderstood creatures.

In conclusion, snake wranglers in Australia represent a rare breed of individuals who are willing to risk their lives to protect others from the dangers of venomous snakes. They are true heroes who deserve our admiration and respect for their courage and dedication to their craft.

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