Meet the Rare and Stunning Mexican Black King Snake - Snake

Meet the Rare and Stunning Mexican Black King Snake


The Mexican black king snake (Lampropeltis getula nigrita), also known as the San Francisco black king snake, is a species of snake that is native to Mexico and the southwestern United States. It is a non-venomous reptile that is highly sought after by snake enthusiasts due to its black and shiny appearance, as well as its energetic and inquisitive personality.


The Mexican black king snake is a beautiful snake with a naturally glossy black coloration. It is the only king snake species with solid black scales and no visible patterns. Juvenile snakes may have spots or stripes, but these will fade as they mature. Their scales are shiny, smooth, and often iridescent, giving them a very sleek and elegant look.

Adult Mexican black kingsnakes are relatively small, usually growing to a maximum length of 36 inches (91 cm), with females being slightly larger than males. They have slender bodies and round pupils, which helps to distinguish them from other snakes.


These snakes are native to the southwestern United States and Mexico. They are typically found in desert and grassland areas, but can also be found in rocky areas and canyons. They are good climbers and can often be found high up in trees or shrubs.


Mexican black king snakes are active, curious, and generally not aggressive towards humans or other animals. They are known for their inquisitive and explorative nature, often burrowing in the sand and searching for crevices where they can hide.


Mexican black king snakes are constrictors, meaning that they kill their prey by suffocation. They primarily feed on rodents like mice, rats, and other small mammals, but can also eat lizards, birds, and other snakes. They are known for being voracious eaters and can consume prey up to the size of a small rabbit.

Conservation and Threats

Mexican black king snakes are not considered a threatened species. However, their natural habitats have been degraded due to human development, and the illegal pet trade has impacted wild populations. In addition, some people kill these snakes because they resemble coral snakes, which are venomous and are commonly feared.

Final Word

In conclusion, the Mexican black king snake is a stunning and unique species of snake that is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. They are active, curious, and energetic snakes that make fascinating pets for those who have experience caring for reptiles. However, like all wildlife, they should be treated with respect and left in their natural habitat unless they require medical attention or are rescued from a hazardous environment.

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