Safe and Effective: How Moth Balls Repel Snakes - Snake

Safe and Effective: How Moth Balls Repel Snakes


Snakes are reptiles that have fascinated and frightened humans for centuries. They are feared for their ability to harm and kill humans with their venomous bites. For this reason, people go to great lengths to keep them away from their homes, crops, and livestock. Mothballs are one of the inexpensive and effective ways that homeowners can use to repel snakes.

Mothballs are small white balls made of naphthalene or sometimes paradichlorobenzene. They are typically used to repel moths and other insects that feed on fabric and clothing. Mothballs also have a strong odor that snakes find repulsive. This odor overwhelms the snakes’ sense of smell, causing them to avoid an area with the mothball scent.

Mothballs are safe to use around the home, but they have a strong and pungent scent that can be unbearable to some people. For this reason, it is essential to use them in strategic locations around the home, such as the attic, basement, and crawl spaces. Mothballs work well in these areas as they are not accessible to humans and pets, but snakes typically use them as entry points into the house.

To use mothballs effectively, homeowners should place them in small piles around the perimeter of their homes, keeping a distance of six inches between each pile. Mothballs should also be placed inside the crawl space of the house under the foundation and near any openings like vents. Finally, mothballs can be placed inside a mesh or cloth bag and hung in trees, bushes, or shrubs near the house.

Homeowners should replace the mothballs every three months or whenever they notice a decrease in the pungent smell. This replacement ensures that the repellent properties are effective and that the scent is still strong enough to ward off snakes. It’s crucial to note that while mothballs repel snakes, they do not kill them. Therefore, if a homeowner traps a snake, they should release it far away from the house.

In conclusion, mothballs are a safe, effective, and inexpensive way to repel snakes. Homeowners should take care when handling them, as they can be harmful when ingested. They should also ensure that they place them in strategic locations around the home to achieve maximum efficiency. Mothballs are a tried and tested method that has been used for many years to repel snakes and other pests. If you’re looking for an affordable and safe way to keep snakes away from your home, using mothballs is an excellent option to consider.

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