Terrifying Encounters: Survivors Share Stories of Close Calls with Scary Snakes - Snake

Terrifying Encounters: Survivors Share Stories of Close Calls with Scary Snakes


Surviving a close call with a snake is an experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s encountering a venomous species or being surprised by a particularly large snake, the fear and adrenaline rush that follows can be overwhelming. Although snakes are generally shy and prefer to avoid confrontation with humans, there are still plenty of stories out there detailing terrifying encounters with these slithery creatures. Here are a few first-hand accounts from survivors of close calls with snakes.

One such story comes from a man who was hiking in the mountains of Northern Arizona. He was walking through a narrow canyon when he heard a rustling in the bushes off to the side. As he looked over, he was met with the sight of a massive diamondback rattlesnake coiled up and ready to strike. The man froze for a moment, trying to remember all the advice he had heard about what to do when encountering a venomous snake. In the end, he slowly backed away, keeping his eyes on the snake the whole time until he was out of the danger zone.

Another person who had a scary encounter with a snake was a woman who was out for a walk in her suburban neighborhood. As she turned a corner, she nearly stepped on a large black snake sunning itself on the sidewalk. The snake quickly sprang up and started hissing and lunging at her. Despite being terrified, the woman managed to keep calm and slowly backed away while keeping her eyes on the snake. She eventually reached safety and called animal control to come and remove the snake.

A third account comes from a man who was camping in a remote area of the Australian outback. During the night, he woke up to find a highly venomous taipan snake curled up next to him in his sleeping bag. In a panic, he quickly shuffled around until he was able to escape the sleeping bag and then ran for help. Fortunately, he was treated by medical professionals in time and survived the encounter.

It’s stories like these that remind us of the importance of being aware of our surroundings and taking precautions when in areas known to be populated by snakes. Keeping a safe distance and alerting others to the presence of snakes can help prevent potential dangerous encounters. In addition, always wearing long pants and boots when hiking in areas with dense foliage is highly recommended.

Despite the fear and panic that may come with encountering a snake, it’s important to remember that most species are not aggressive and will prefer to avoid conflict. If you do find yourself in a close call with a snake, staying calm and backing away slowly while keeping your eyes on the animal is usually the best course of action. With proper awareness and precautions, it’s possible to continue enjoying the outdoors without falling victim to a dangerous snake encounter.

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