The Deadly Papuan Black Snake: All You Need to Know - Snake

The Deadly Papuan Black Snake: All You Need to Know


Papua New Guinea is home to some of the deadliest snakes in the world, and the Papuan Black Snake is at the top of the list. This highly venomous snake is found exclusively in Papua New Guinea and is known for its potent venom, which can cause respiratory failure in humans.

Physical Characteristics

The Papuan Black Snake is a medium-sized snake, reaching lengths of up to six feet. It has a slender body and a small head. The snake is primarily black, with a glossy sheen to its skin. It has a distinct white or cream-colored underbelly.

Habitat and Distribution

The Papuan Black Snake is found exclusively in Papua New Guinea. They are most commonly found in the highlands of the country, where they live in the dense rainforest. They are also found in lowland areas near rivers and streams.


The Papuan Black Snake is a shy snake and is not aggressive. They are most active at night and spend their days hiding in the underbrush. The snake is a quick mover, and when threatened, it will retreat into the underbrush or try to escape.


The venom of the Papuan Black Snake is highly toxic and can be fatal to humans. The venom contains neurotoxins and myotoxins that attack the nervous system and muscles of the victim. The symptoms of a bite include pain, swelling, and paralysis of the muscles. If left untreated, respiratory failure can occur, leading to death.


If bitten by a Papuan Black Snake, seek medical attention immediately. Antivenom is available and should be administered as soon as possible. The victim should be kept still and calm to slow the spread of the venom.


The best way to avoid being bitten by a Papuan Black Snake is to avoid them altogether. If traveling in an area where they are known to live, wear protective clothing and sturdy boots. Stay on designated trails and avoid disturbing the underbrush. Do not attempt to handle or capture these snakes.

In conclusion, the Papuan Black Snake is a highly venomous snake found exclusively in Papua New Guinea. Its venom is potent and can be fatal to humans, so it is important to be aware of the dangers and take measures to avoid encountering this deadly creature. If you do happen to get bitten, seek medical attention immediately to get the antivenom and prevent serious health complications.

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