The elusive Northern Brown Snake: A closer look at its behavior and habitat - Snake

The elusive Northern Brown Snake: A closer look at its behavior and habitat


The Northern Brown Snake, also known as the Dekay’s Brown Snake, is a small, elusive serpent found throughout much of eastern North America. This unassuming creature has a light brown or grayish body with a dark stripe running down its back and is rarely longer than 18 inches.

Although it may not be the most visually striking creature in the animal kingdom, the Northern Brown Snake is an interesting species to study because of its behavior and habitat preferences.


The Northern Brown Snake is a secretive species that inhabits a variety of landscapes. It can be found in wooded areas, grassy meadows, farmland, and even suburban spaces such as gardens and parks.

This species is highly adaptable and can thrive in a wide range of habitats. However, they tend to prefer areas with abundant cover, such as leaf litter, rocks, and logs.


The Northern Brown Snake is a solitary creature that spends most of its time hiding from predators and searching for food. These snakes are active during the daytime and are most active during the spring and fall.

Although Northern Brown Snakes are not venomous, they will bite if they feel threatened. However, they are generally docile and will try to flee when confronted.

Northern Brown Snakes are also known for their ability to release a musky odor from their cloaca when threatened or handled. This odor is said to deter predators and can be quite strong.


Like most snake species, the Northern Brown Snake is a carnivore. It primarily feeds on small invertebrates such as slugs, snails, and insects. However, it has been known to consume small vertebrates such as frogs and salamanders as well.


Northern Brown Snakes mate in the spring and females lay their eggs in the summer. The eggs are typically laid in small clusters under logs or rocks, and the young hatch in the early fall. The babies are only a few inches long and are highly vulnerable to predation.


The Northern Brown Snake is a relatively common species and is not considered endangered. However, it is still important to protect its habitat from destruction and fragmentation, as well as to educate the public about the importance of this often-overlooked species.

In conclusion, the Northern Brown Snake may not be the flashiest or most well-known creature in the animal kingdom, but it is still an important and fascinating species to study. By understanding its behavior and habitat preferences, we can work to protect this interesting and often-overlooked species.

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